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Introductory blurb on Society - history, function, aims and functions



Dear Members,

Welcome to your new Schedule and to a new gardening year. It's mid January and freezing and as a midsummer baby I have to admit this isn't my best time of year!


I have to force myself to the allotment every day but on go the thermals and plenty of wrappings and, once I get stuck in, it's not so bad!


This is the time to start preparing — clearing the remains of last year's crops and composting and spreading manure on the beds — I know I should have done all this in the autumn but it was just too wet. Today I ordered my seed potatoes and onion and shallot sets from the allotment trading shed and have put in my seed order online. Here's hoping for a good growing season.

The society had another successful year with three well attended shows and plenty of quality exhibits.


There were also a variety of stalls at the shows which added to the fun and there were three enjoyable outings over the year. Many thanks to all those who took part in these events and who helped organise and run them — we depend on your volunteering to keep the society running smoothly and always welcome new faces to join in!

Please take a good look through the schedule and see just how many classes you and your friends can enter in the three shows to make them a success.

I leave you with this quotation from Alfred Austen:


The glory of gardening: hands in the dirt, head in the sun,

heart with nature. To nurture a garden is to feed not just the body but the soul. 


All the best for 2024,


Message from Gary Sycamore, President

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