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Dear Members,


Little did I think when writing this letter last Spring that we would still be in the grip of this epidemic now - what another extraordinary year! We had planned to stage a show for last summer and were thwarted again but finally in September we had our first show for two years and it was a great success. A lovely sunny afternoon with an attendance of over 150 and a record profit on the day which will be used for future events. It was a great example of triumph over adversity! Many thanks to all those helpers who made it happen.

Let's stay positive and put everything into holding all three shows this year. I don't want to tempt fate but it's looking like we may be over the worst of Covid now and will learn to live with it without so much disruption. On this note I make my annual plea for more entries especially from new exhibitors, anything to

stop the usual suspects - you know who they are - from greedily winning all the prizes!

As I said last year, those of us with gardens or allotments to visit have been so lucky through these troubled times or to quote Alice Sebold: " I like gardening -

it's a place where I find myself when I want to lose myself. "

Best Wishes to everyone and stay well,


Message from Gary Sycamore, President