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Dear Members,


Now that Christmas and New Year are out of the way, the decorations taken down and my potted Spruce returned to the allotment to recuperate, it’s time to plan for the new gardening year. Though this is fairly dormant period there is plenty of work to be done horticulturally – digging and preparing flower and vegetable beds and ordering the seeds to sow in them for starters!


2018 gave us the hottest and driest summer for some time and consequently, virtually free of Tomato blight! If you were to ask me which fruit or vegetable stands out  for taste when home grown compared to shop bought, I would say Tomato so I was delighted with the huge crop I picked.


Here’s hoping for another great summer this year.


Let me take this opportunity again to thank all those who exhibited in the three successful shows of last year, and everyone who helped run them and the society so well.


A very special thanks goes out to Kit Greveson who, alas, is stepping down as outings organiser after so many years providing us with so many splendid and memorable days out. This is going to be a hard act to follow but happily Ann Jones has agreed to take on the role and we gratefully welcome her to the society.


Let’s hope for another good year in the garden with bumper crops and bumper entries at all the shows!


Best Wishes and see you at the shows,






Message from Gary Sycamore, President