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Hopleys Plants, High Street, Much Hadham, Herts SG10 6BU                                        


Thursday, 26th July 2018

After an amazing 37 years working at Hopleys full time and mostly 7 days a week, Aubrey Barker is retiring and closing Hopleys Plants to visitors after 50 years trading.  So we are really lucky to be able to visit the garden and nursery before it finally closes in October this year.  During 2018 Hopleys are propagating and growing a full range of plants as usual for sale and are exhibiting at numerous shows. The garden, purchased in 1963, was basic, with many large trees (oak, ash) surrounding the 7 acres property.  Inspiration for the island beds in an informal style came largely from Alan Bloom’s Dell Garden at Bressingham in Norfolk.  Several new beds were added and others altered in shape to create the oval lawn in order to give the garden a more coordinated shape.  Beds have been made larger with paths and secret hiding places.  The garden has been a useful trial ground for the many hundreds of plants collected over the years from all over the world.


Cost:                           All Groups:    £19.00              All Groups + Tour:    £22.00

Departure:                  Cranley Gardens:   09.30  /  Pages Lane:  09.45

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